Thursday, August 22, 2013

Basement Flood Update #1

Flooding in your basement - even only a few inches - seems to be a great reason to do a complete remodel. After I took some initial pictures of our flooded basement, ServePro showed up and assessed the situation. Apparently I was wrong - the source of the flood water -was- from the septic system. Or as ServePro said, "This is a Category 3 Flood". Basically I should have been wearing rubber booties rather than walking around in the poop water barefoot in my Crocs.

They quickly went to work tearing out carpet and moving furniture. Today they'll be back to cut drywall and tear out the linoleum flooring that was under the carpet.

A view from the dining room. All our stuff is out on the pool deck - probably contaminated by the "Category 3" materials (poop water).